Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Hey! It’s Eb and lately I’ve been really annoyed with people. Ignorance is definitely not bliss and assuming is not the way.  In my experience adults seem to be the ones that are the most offensive. Most have nothing but good intentions and others are just blissfully ignorant. That’s not ok. I do my best to inform others about my disability. I think it’s a two way street. People should take the time to read and learn about others issues different from their own. This doesn’t just apply to the disabled community. Taking the time to learn about other cultures and attempting to see the world through others perspectives.  People tend to make veiled assumptions about groups of people without getting to know them or their stories. And that can be dangerous it drives people apart rather than pulling them together. Now I don’t want to get all preachy, but something must be done we must come together. Especially in the climate we’re living in today. I just want to spread awareness. A lot of people may not read my blogs, but I write this  in the hopes that I at least make a difference in one persons life.  Ashley and I started this blog to raise awareness about disabilities. It’s so much more than that it’s about sharing our testimony and encouraging others to do the same. I definitely appreciate all the love and  support we have received over this past year. I hope you continue reading our journey. Until next time….drop by our Facebook pageFriends On Wheels(Cerebral Palsy) 



Defining Success

Hey guys, it’s Eb. I hope everyone is having a great day! 

Just when you think you’ve got the game of life figured out. you don’t.  That’s what I’m learning these last few months unexpected things happen that are out of my control. As much as I try my best  some things just are meant to happen and others not so much. It’s hard not to beat myself up about things I can’t change.  Fortunately everyone can relate to this.  

What qualifies as success and how do you define it? Some might say having a lot of money, cars and the size of your house.  For a long time that was my definition too. I know it’s shallow, but that was my thinking at the time.  I’m learning that success isn’t monetary. It’s about who i am as a person and my character.  Circumstances are different for everyone:  what’s success to you? Until next time….Like Friends On Wheels (Cerebral Palsy)




Just Because We’re Disabled Doesn’t Mean We’re Inspirations

Hey guys! Ash and Eb here! It’s been a while since we’ve done joint blog entry. But here we are. Imagine the situation where you had a broken leg and someone comes up to you says  “You’re such an  inspiration just because you had a broken leg. What’s even more crazy about the situation is that this person doesn’t know anything about you. How can you be an inspiration when they don’t even know your name? This is kind of we feel when people approach us and don’t know anything about us. It’s like giving an Olympic gymnist a gold medal when you know she hasn’t done the training. There’s more to a person than their disability and there’s more to be inspired by. Although we appreciate the admiration we are just people. One the of the reasons we started our blog was to encourage others to go after their dreams disability or not because anything is possible. We think there’s nothing wrong with inspiring and encouraging people, but if you don’t know us outside of our disability that’s a bit of a problem.  We shouldn’t be inspiration just because of a disability. Be inspired by what we accomplish inspite of it. Until  next time…like our page Friends On Wheels (Cerebral Palsy)


Ash & Eb💕

New Adventure 

Hey guys! As many of you know I’ve tried my hand in so many different things. Now I’m adding entrepreneur to my resume.  I have become a Younique presenter selling cosemetics, which benefits women who been a victim of sexual assault. It also meant to empower and uplift women, encouraging them to become leaders in their community. It not just about make up. It’s about spreading confidence and making a difference in others lives. I hope you guys will follow me on my next journey….taking risk is half the battle. For more information Like  Ashley and I’s joint blog page Friends On Wheels (Cerebral Palsy) on Facebook. Until next time…


More Than a Mom

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having great day m! Since it’s Monther’s Day weekend, I wanted to write a blog about my awesome mommy,

I know everyone says they have the best mom in the world and it’s cliche, but for me it’s true. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. She had always pushed me to be my dispite my disability. She has allowed me to be confident in who I am. People see me and they tend to underestimate my abilities, but  she has fault so hard for me. Pushed me to see that I can prove the naysayers wrong. It’s the best feeling in world. I couldn’t do it without her.  I am truly blessed to have her as a mom. I would literally be nothing without her as she is the one gave me life. I don’t say thank you enough. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Xo, Eb 🌷

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“Pre existing conditions”

Hey guys, it’s Ebony! I usually don’t discuss politics, but with the over turn of The Affordable Care Act I feel I must speak out as someone who will be directly impacted by this. Under this new healthcare bill people with pre existing conditions are basically  going to lose coverage or will have to poy higher premiums. Cerebral Palsy is considered a “pre existing” we should not be penalized for being born with something we can not change. I recently turned 26 and can no longer be covered under my parents insurance.  I have equipment that I need to use in my daily life and now they won’t be covered under this new bill.

Now another thing that worries me is that states have the option to opt out if they to cover you or not. We shouldn’t have to worried about whether or not we’re covered. This is more than disability issue. It’s everyone’s issue. The only people that essentially won’t  be effected by this. What about the poor?  Under this bill we will no longer be required to have coverage. In the long run it will ultimately hurt us a whole. It will drive premiums up even more. I don’t think this bill is a good idea. This is just my opinion. What are your thoughts about pre existing conditions. Until  next time

Xo, Eb💕

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New Update 

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile since Ashley and I have posted a blog. I promise we have not abandoned you. We’re going to try to post once a week from now on.  I’m going to discuss a broad rage of topics. It’s time for a. change. From time to time I will post on our Facebook live so we can be interactive. Suggest topics you would like to hear from us! Until next time…

Xo, Eb

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Self Love❤️

Hey guys! It’s Ebony! I hope everyone is having a great Monday. Valentine’s is tomorrow and it’s all about celebrating the ones we love, but often times we forget to love ourselves first. I know for me. It took me awhile to be content with who I am. It wasn’t until I got into modeling and acting that I really started to like the person I am. Modeling has allowed me appreciate my uniqueness. Yes  I use a walker and wheelchair and it’s part of what makes me who I am. Before I didn’t like to show my walker in pictures because I wanted to be like everyone else. The fact I will NEVER be like anyone else. If everyone was the same life would surely be boring. It’s important to embrace who we are whether you have a disability or not. Loving yourself is half the battle. Society’s standard of beauty is archaic and unrealistic  Real people have flaws and make mistakes. I don’t know about you, but  I think it’s time  to change those standards. When you love yourself first no one else’s opinion matters because you’re content with who you are.

Until next time…

Xo, Eb💋

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Our Skiing Adventure

Hey, it’s been awhile since we’ve a  a blog post together. We wanted to update you on our adaptive skiing adventure. Ashley went and picked up Ebony from her house, then we headed to Beech Mountain. When we got there we had to wait awhile because preparations to ski takelong then we thought. We met our instructors then headed down to the slopes. The instructors were very nice and accomedating. They made it really fun for us: Ashley and her instructor sang songs while they skied. Ebony’s  instructor took her to the top of the mountain. They were going so fast that Ebony’s  ski flipped and she face planted. Don’t worry she was not hurt. She laughed instead. We felt really free with the wind in our faces. It’s one of our best adventures yet. Whoever wants to ski or volunteer should definitely do so. It’s worth it.


Eb & Ash💚

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