Water Skiing

Hey guys! It’s Ash and Eb again. We went water skiing, and we had  so much fun. We were able to sit in the skis. The boat pulled our skis by a rope. Ash screamed the whole time because  she was having so much fun. It was Eb’s first time. She was a bit nervous, but had fun nonetheless.  We loved going fast, and bouncing on the lake as the wind blew through our hair.  A huge thank you to Joe Ray and Adaptive Aquatics for letting us have another adventure together.


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Surfing Adventure PT.2

Hey guys! Ash and Eb here. Sorry it’s been awhile, but we’re back to talk about our latest surfing adventure. We had so much fun surfing on Saturday! Ash surfed first, and Eb surfed after. We were smiling the whole way through. They loved Ash’s scream because she was having so much fun. Eb had so much fun that she went twice. She wiped out so hard she flew like a catapult off her board. She hit the bottom of the ocean. It felt like forever waiting for someone to help her. Ash wiped out as well. It was still a fun trip and we can’t wait to go back next year. Special thanks to Life Rolls On for this awesome experience!

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Eb & Ash💕