What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Disability and Disorder

Recently, I saw the movie Everything, Everything. It may have been because the movie started at 7:15 p.m., and we did not get there until 7:40, but honestly, I found it was really nothing to scream about. This movie is about a young teenage girl who supposedly has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, (SCID) and as a result, has to be careful about going into the outside world because it is toxic to her, and can cause death, so she’s been “trapped” inside her house.  Long story short, she meets this boy who moves into the neighborhood through text, and she sneaks out and does everything to be with him including going on a trip to Hawaii. I don’t know much about this disorder, but I read some movie reviews from people with SCID, and they were saying that one of the reasons  this movie was an insult to them was because there are days when they actually CAN’T do things that they want because they are so sick. What’s even worse is at the end of the movie, it turns out she doesn’t even have SCID. I mean, really? Bad representation here. Just last year, there was also rave about this movie called, Me Before You. It is also a romance about a guy who was in an accident, and ends up in a wheelchair. I never saw this movie, but I really had no desire to because I heard the guy in the wheelchair ends up killing himself, and not to mention the actor in Me Before You doesn’t actually have a disability in real life. Both of these movies not only represent disability and disorder poorly, but they say that disabililty and disorder aren’t worth it. That they aren’t worth representing right or promoting with respect in the movies or on T.V. That if you have a disability or disorder, you supposedly live a “poor life” and you may as well live without it because your life isn’t worth living. Life is better that way. Either go find a cure, or go kill yourself. No, no, no. Just stop. Is this the way you see Ebony and I living our lives? What do these movies say to teenagers with disabilties? Surely, it can’t be building up self-esteem, especially for those who weren’t born with their disability like I was. I mean, I get why living life when you are disabled from an accident would be harder, but I know of people who are in this exact situation who instead of sitting around actually help others. God has a plan for everyone, and I would say to disabled people instead of listening to movies and media, use your situation. Speak out. Believe it coming from a disabled person, there are worse things than living with a disability. I respect your opinion if you liked these movies, and I am sorry for any spoilers if you haven’t seen them. I just felt the need to write about this. Don’t believe everything you see, hear, read, or whatever. Your best source of information would come from an actual disabled person.


In Christ’s Love,


Ashley N. Moulin


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