An Educated Child Becomes A Better Adult

Recently, while at Johnny Rockets, this dad with two kids came and sat at the table beside mine. They were pretty young kids, and I noticed his little boy kept looking at me curiously. When they were done eating, the family got up to leave, and maybe it was my imagination, but it looked like the little boy was walking up to talk to me, and his dad grabbed him by the hand, and they walked out of the restaurant. Wrong move, dude. There are going to be disabled people in his world, and all around him. What happens if he encounters a physically or mentally disabled child at his school? Are you going to teach him to ignore them, too? Whether I was right about what I encountered at this restaurant or not, I want to use this moment to speak out. If your child wants to come up and speak to a disabled person, LET THEM DO SO. If you don’t, I am sorry to say your child is going to grow up to be a clueless and ignorant person. Believe me, it is better to educate them when they are young. As a disabled person and advocate, it is my job and pleasure to educate your child.

In Christ’s Love,

Ashley N. Moulin

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Share Your Story 

Hey guys! Happy Friday! It’s Ebony if anyone would like to share your story our blog. We would love to hear from you. This blog isn’t just about Ash and I. It’s for everyone.  By sharing our stories we can make a difference. Head over to our page Friends On Wheels(Cerebral Palsy) shoot us a message. Anyone is welcome! 

Defining Success

Hey guys, it’s Eb. I hope everyone is having a great day! 

Just when you think you’ve got the game of life figured out. you don’t.  That’s what I’m learning these last few months unexpected things happen that are out of my control. As much as I try my best  some things just are meant to happen and others not so much. It’s hard not to beat myself up about things I can’t change.  Fortunately everyone can relate to this.  

What qualifies as success and how do you define it? Some might say having a lot of money, cars and the size of your house.  For a long time that was my definition too. I know it’s shallow, but that was my thinking at the time.  I’m learning that success isn’t monetary. It’s about who i am as a person and my character.  Circumstances are different for everyone:  what’s success to you? Until next time….Like Friends On Wheels (Cerebral Palsy)