Just Because We’re Disabled Doesn’t Mean We’re Inspirations

Hey guys! Ash and Eb here! It’s been a while since we’ve done joint blog entry. But here we are. Imagine the situation where you had a broken leg and someone comes up to you says  “You’re such an  inspiration just because you had a broken leg. What’s even more crazy about the situation is that this person doesn’t know anything about you. How can you be an inspiration when they don’t even know your name? This is kind of we feel when people approach us and don’t know anything about us. It’s like giving an Olympic gymnist a gold medal when you know she hasn’t done the training. There’s more to a person than their disability and there’s more to be inspired by. Although we appreciate the admiration we are just people. One the of the reasons we started our blog was to encourage others to go after their dreams disability or not because anything is possible. We think there’s nothing wrong with inspiring and encouraging people, but if you don’t know us outside of our disability that’s a bit of a problem.  We shouldn’t be inspiration just because of a disability. Be inspired by what we accomplish inspite of it. Until  next time…like our page Friends On Wheels (Cerebral Palsy)


Ash & Eb💕


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