Only Human

I recently saw a commercial online about the Paralympics. I honestly thought it looked pretty awesome, until the very end. “We’re the super humans.” That was the quote at the end of the commercial. Like I said, I didn’t really see anything wrong with this commercial, but what it said at the end bugged me, because this commercial seemed to be calling these athletes something that they’re not. Believe me when I tell you, I am completely honored to inspire you guys by doing water skiing, surfing, and other cool things, and I hope to one day encourage a kid in my situation to do whatever they want. To inspire all kids, disabled or not, to go for their dreams, but I never want to consider myself a “hero” or a “legend” or even worse than all of this, a “superhuman” because the only One that needs to be put on a pedestal here is Jesus. Without Him, I AM NOTHING. Without Him, I COULD DO NOTHING, AND HE SO GRACIOUSLY DIED FOR ME, BECAUSE I AM A SINNER, I AM HUMAN AND I MAKE MISTAKES. None of us deserve to be called super humans.


Ashley N. Moulin




2 thoughts on “Only Human

  1. johnswrites

    Well written. Well said. I have Spina Bifida and I’ve spent the last 50 years of my life living and doing, doing and living just as well as anyone else and never have and never will concider myself as anymore than what I am. Likewise I don’t anyone seeing me in that way either.
    “Oh what you can do in that wheelchair. You’re really a ‘Special’ person
    No, I’m not special. I’m human.

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