Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Yesterday, I went to get my haircut, and the lady who cut my hair was waiting with me as my mom was in line to pay. I started a conversation with this young lady, who was very sweet. She asked me if I had any plans for later that day, and I told her I had to go do some work for my online math class. I started rambling on, telling her how much I hated math, but that luckily, this was my last math class, and I would be going into my Public Relations major. “That’s really cool, my friend majored in that.” she said. “I have to tell you something, I was supposed to be just like you.” What she said caught me off guard. “I was supposed to have Spina Bifida.” Then, my mom came back from paying. “Thank you so much for bringing her, it was so good to hear her story.” she said. “When I was born, the Doctors said I would have Spina Bifida, and I now do runs for disability.” It was as if just “living my life” was supposed to be some kind of encouragement to her. I didn’t tell her I had Cerebral Palsy. What she didn’t seem to understand was that every disability is different. Yeah, the doctors told her she was supposed to have a disability, but she wouldn’t have understood fully what it was like to live MY life. While I have friends with spina bifida, I can’t know exactly what they go through because their disability is different from mine. In general, nobody’s life is the same. God made us all beautifully unique, and we all have different battles we go through in life that make us who we are today.


Ashley N. Moulin


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