Adaptive Surf

Hey! We’re back! We’ve been really busy with school and stuff. Today we registered to go adaptive surfing together.

We might be able to go if we get accepted.  We thought it’d be a good way to catch up since we haven’t seen each other in FIVE years! Yeah we know that’s a long time!  We need new pics! We only have 2 pictures though we’ve been friends for fourteen years. Also we thought it’d be a great adventure to do together. 

The organization we’re doing this through is called Life Roles On. It’s based in California, but the event will be in North Carolina. It was startled by World Champion Quadraplegic surfer  Jesse Billauer who suffered a neck injury when he was just seventeen years old. Not only do they teach surfing, but skateboarding and other sports as well.

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All Shades of CP

Hey it’s Ebony! Today I want to talk about what Cerebral Palsy is and what causes it.Many people are not aware of how it caused. I want to debunk some myths about it. Hopefully this helps. CP has different forms. 

One thing I want to make clear CP is NOT contagious or hereditary. I’ve actually had people who didn’t want to come near me because they didn’t want to “catch” what I had. At the time it really hurt, but than I realized they just don’t know what it is. Sounds silly, but there are people who sincerely believe CP is contagious. 

Let’s breakdown What Cerebral Palsy is. Cerebral Palsy is a chronic condition that is caused before birth or during birth. It is damaged caused to the brain such as, lack of oxygen. CP can cause weak limbs, delay milestones and effects over 200,000 children in the U.S are diagnosed with it each  year. Although there is no cure for it. It doesn’t have to keep you from living your life. As I’ve stated before CP has many different types and different levels of functioning.

CP is broken down by how limbs are affected.Hemiplegia or diplegia. One leg or arm is affected one the side of the body. Then there is diplegia or paraplegia which all four limbs are affected. It vary in severity. This is the most common type Cerebral Palsy both Ashley and  I are diagnosed with this type. For me, my muscles get very tight and requires me to stay as physically active as much as I can. There have been many surgeries that I have undergone. It really depends on the individual on what treatment is used. There are holistic treatments, water therapy, acupuncture, Botox injections and many more. But most common treatment is life long treatment of Physical and occupational therapies. Let me make this clear you do not have to let CP stop you from living the life you want. There is hope. Technology is constantly changing. One day there  WILL be a cure. 

One last thing I want to shed a light on Shriners Children’s Hospitals. It is because of their innovative treatment and technology that I am able to have a better quality of life. They never charge any family a dime. They help with finding the neccesary equipment. Before them I couldn’t even sit up and now I can use a walker. I am forever greatful to them.

Ebony L. Washington

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Giving kids his world

My story today begins with an inspiring man who has a huge heart by the name of Henri Landwirth. This holocaust survivor was born in Antwerp, Belgium on March 7, 1927. During the holocaust,  he and his family were separated, and his parents were eventually killed by the end of it all. Henri and his sister survived and were reunited. He found a way to get to America on a freight ship, working his way to New York City with only $20 in his pocket, and knowing only a small amount of English. Not long after, he was pulled to serve in the Army. He used the benefits he received in the Army  to learn about hotel management and every job in the industry. His work became a permanent job. In 1954, Henri moved to Florida, where his work led him to a little girl with cancer named Amy. Amy had one dying wish, to go visit Orlando and have the time of her life at some theme parks.  Henri was asked to provide a room for this little girl and her family, and plan out the stay. He gladly accepted the offer to help, but unfortunately, she died before the last of her travel plans could be worked out. With all the suffering throughout his childhood, and with the circumstances of his friend, Amy, Henri was inspired to help kids in need, so to ensure that what happened to Amy would never happen to another sick kid, he started Give Kids The World, a magical place in Florida where these kids could not only stay for free through a sponsor like Make A Wish, but also have their fun at Orlando’s theme parks paid for.  When I was about 7 or 8 years old, they opened it up so kids with disabilities could also experience Give Kids The World, so through United Cerebral Palsy of Birmingham, Alabama, I was given the gift to stay at Give Kids The World. I think my little sister, Cheree, and I had more fun there than the theme parks. They have a party or event going on there every night, and tons of neat places. When we stayed there, I got to put a star with my name on it up in a place shaped like a castle called the Castle of Miracles, and it is still up there today. I think the favorite parts for my sister and I were getting tucked in to bed one night by this huge bunny mascot who is part of Give Kids The World, Mayor Clayton, the ice cream palace shaped like a huge ice cream sundae building where you can have all the ice cream and all the toppings you want, anytime of the day, (even for breakfast) and of course, throwing away trash had never been more fun for us because the animal shaped trash cans would talk back. 🙂 Of course, we both were mad and crying when we had to leave. We still are allowed to come back and visit, just not stay, and we’ve been back many times, and try to go there every time we visit Orlando. Wish kids have had weddings in Give Kids The World’s chapel, and if God has a spouse for me out there, I am thinking of getting married there. As the beloved founder, Henri Landwirth has said, “I believe in what I am doing here for sure, and I wouldn’t want to change that for one second. There is something here that makes it happen, and it must be that God is right here in this Village.”  For more information, or to donate, go to: We should all be like this wonderful man, using his life and struggles to help others. Thank you, Mr. Landwirth, for being who you are. God bless you. ❤

Ashley N. MoulinGKTW

The Bigger Picture

I’m not writing these blogs for the fame or notoriety. I’m doing this for the voiceless and for those who need a little encouragement. I want to help others and show them that they can do anything their heart desires. We were all created for a purpose. Many people spend their whole life trying to find it. 

I’ve been blessed enough to realize mine early in life. God made me this way for a reason. I could  chose to dwell on the things I can’t do or the tbings I don’t have. Instead I’ve realized that I could use my circumstances as a way to help others in a similar situation. Everyone goes through something or facing an obstacle. If it helps by me giving my testimony. Not necessarily changing their lives, but to give people hope that it does get better. Hope is one of the greatest gifts  you can give anyone. It’s one of those things that can’t be bought, but it does wonders for those who need it. You have no idea what someone is going through and giving them hope can make a world of difference.

Ashley and I started this blog in the hopes to raise awareness about    Cerebral Palsy, but it has become so much more than that. To read your comments and feedback of how our stories have touched your lives.You guys are touching ours right back. You have no idea how much we appreciate it. It gives us validation that what we’re doing is right. God gave us this life because he knew we could handle it. By living our lives with Cerebral Palsy we are made stronger. What we lack physically we make up for it with our intelligence, We may not be monetarily rich,but writing these blog has made us rich in so many other ways. This makes us want to continue fighting for others and leaving this world a better place than when we camr into  it. This is much bigger than ourselves. Thank you so much for your continued support. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this, but only God knows the answer.

Ebony L. Washington

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A helpful guide: What to Do

  Hey! It’s  Ebony and Ashley! Today we’re going to talk about the  things people say to us and questions they ask us. Here we go

Are your legs broken ?
Can you talk?

What’s wrong with you?

People often stare at us instead of coming up to ask us and asking questions to our face. We would like people to be more considerate of us and ask questions instead of just assuming and we will   be sure to answer them. We are more offended if you don’t ask us questions’kids are not the ones with the dumb questions it’s the parent sometimes.  We don’t like when people talk to us like were babies yeah talk to us like we’re 25. Even if someone can’t talk talk to them because even when they can talk most likely they understand youWe can hold a conversation if you talk to us. Sometimes people just assume we can’t talk for ourselves. Don’t assume things because assumptions just promote ignorance. Just be honest with us and will be honest with you.
Don’t be afraid to help us the worst we could say to you is no. But we do appreciate your help when it is needed.  One thing we all have in common is that we are all God’s children and should be treated as such. 

Friends By Choice CP by Chance

ebHey! It’s Ebony and Ashley. We’re writing  our joint blog today. Many of you have asked how we became. besties. So we thought we tell you our story.

We met when we were 11 having surgery at Shriners Children’s Hospital when we were 11. We both happened to be waiting for surgery  in the same room. It turns out we had more in common than just surgery on our, legs we had CP in common too. We were roommates in through the years we become like sisters.. We’ve kept in touch ever since then. We are now 25 and still the closest of friends. This shows if you work at it you can keep a friendship as long as you want it. It doesn’t matter the distance. Although one of us is in Alabama in the one of us is in North Carolina.

We Skype pretty much every week now and we keep each other up to date about what’s going on in our lives. We’ve gone from AIM from to Skype. That shows you how long our friendship has been. We like all the same things from Zac Efron to Hilary Duff. Basically the same person. We make this joke a lot we’re sisters from other misters. But it’s true we’re sisters blood doesn’t make you sisters the bond does.

We Believe that we met for a reason to tell our stories. Also to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves. We intend to leave this world better than when we came into it.

XOXO Ashley and Ebony

Thank you for your continued support💚

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Earning Respect

There are some days I ask myself “is it worth it?” We have to pick and choose our battles.  It’s about standing up for what you believe in. One thing I will never bend on is treating others with respect. Even if they don’t deserve it because I know how I would want to be treated. Sometimes you have to go against popular opinion. You might lose a few friends, but in the end you’ll have to do what’s right for you.

As someone living with Cerebral Palsy sometimes it can be hard to earn respect. People tend underestimate my abilities based on my physical appearance. Some even talk to me like a baby. I am a adult.  I have lost few friends because I’ve stood up for myself and what. I believe in. What I’ve noticed is when I tell them what I’m capable of they are surprised, but slowly their respect for me grows. I don’t want to respected because of my CP I want to be respected because I’ve earned it. 

Many times people demand respect when  it has to be earned. Respect doesn’t come overnight. If we could just listen more before we speak it could make a world of difference. Accepting our difference could change the world. We should embrace our differences. Every human being deserves to be respected.

-Ebony L. Washington

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