I’m Back!

Hey guys I know it’s been awhile. Thankfully Ash has been posting. I will be posting consistently now it will not just be about disabilities. I will be browsing my topics. I’ve currently been working on projects and I can’t wait to tell about it! How would guys feel if I started a vlog? Just to add a fresh perspective. Lot’s of things have happened since I’ve last written. It’s a new chapter and new journey I can’t wait for you guys to come along on this journey with me!



Finding My Own Voice

It’s hard for all of us to make genuine friends. None of us really knows what another person goes through, or has gone through. Nobody really knows another’s story. For a disabled person, I truly believe making a true friend can be even harder. I’ve always wondered what a person’s first thoughts are when they meet me. Are they hanging out, and doing stuff for me, because they truly want to do it, or because they just want to do a “good deed for the disabled girl.” OK, maybe some harsh, overdramatic thoughts, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t mine. Basically, I want to share my story, and to spread disability awareness. To speak out about issues that matter, and to make the world a more accessible, accepting place, because I have to live in it too. To show you that I’m just a person with the same desires, dreams, and mistakes as anyone else. I wasn’t lying to you all when I said I was struggling. I’m struggling to find my voice, and to know God’s purpose for me, but if there’s one thing I am, it’s a fighter, and I don’t know about my fellow blogger, Ebony, but as long as my story helps one person to understand disability, and more importantly, to see Jesus, I don’t want to stop telling it.

In Christ’s Love,

Ashley N. Moulin

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Friends On Wheels With A New Perspective

Hey guys! Hope your Friday is going well. Sorry for the lack of content. I’m trying to brainstorm ideas so that I am able to bring you more new and consistent content, what would you like me to talk about? It doesn’t just have to be about disabilities. It can be about anything, anything that inspires you. Tell your story, your testimony, if you are interested please inbox me on our Facebook page Friends On Wheels (Cerebral Palsy). If you know anyone that may be interested in being a featured blogger please let me know. I want to bring life back into the blog. We need a fresh perspective. We started this blog for disabilities, but it’s for anyone who feels like they have a story to tell.

You have unique story tell it! Come join us!

Twitter is probably the easiest way to contact me EbonyWOfficial ! Ashley and I appreciate the support we have received over time. Help us continue to spread awareness across all platforms and industries. People with disabilities deserve a voice! We need your help! Are you in? Until next time!



Different Voices

I was watching a video yesterday where a guy was talking about his interview with a boy who has autism. Throughout this guy’s interview, he was saying that all the young boy wanted to talk about was shapes, so the person who was interviewing finally gave in, asked the boy’s mother to step out, and based the whole interview on something the boy was comfortable with: shapes. Whether we are disabled or not, we all have different voices, and different ways in which we feel comfortable communicating. For me, I have the voice to speak, but being an introvert, I’ve always felt I can better express my feelings through my writing. My mom said when I was in preschool my teachers kept telling her I needed a communication device to help me express myself, because I wouldn’t speak one word to them, but my mom refused. Mom said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, because she speaks just fine at home.” A couple of years later, I got a male teacher. He said, “Ashley speaks just fine, and she doesn’t need anything to help her.” (Yes, I’ve always been a flirt, but don’t hold it against me. Ha!) I know some people who have cerebral palsy like me, and they have communication devices, or some who don’t have the means to talk at all, but can still understand you. I hate when sometimes people ask my mom, or the person who’s with me questions instead of me. I can talk too. It just takes courage and patience with people no matter who they are. Never assume either.

In Christ’s Love,
Ashley N. Moulin

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2017 Reflection: Who I am

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; YOU ARE MINE.” Isaiah 43:1

I mentioned on this blog back in September how I had lost my purpose for writing. My problem was that when Eb first asked me to start this blog with her, I asked God to help me become the best disability advocate I could be. That was my main focus. I put all of my passion into this blog. I loved our new venture. I put my identity into writing. I put all of my passion into my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but I love my Jesus more. I had just forgotten that. As my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ know, when we put our hearts into anything but Jesus it all begins to fall apart, and that’s what happened to me. I lost my passion for everything. I forgot who I am.

During this time, I just began to let go of everything. I began to study the Bible more, and to cry and pour my heart out to God. I stepped away from the world. I began to spend more time with Jesus. I said, “God, I”m always going to need you, and I know You’re always speaking to me. The problem is, I don’t know how to listen. Help me learn to listen, because I want to hear Your voice in every aspect of my life. I need your guidance. Until I learn to listen, can You just speak to me so clearly right now, because I need to hear your voice. I am in so much pain.” When I began to lose myself, I subscribed to my sister in Christ, Sadie Robertson’s blog, and it was during the time I begged God to speak to me that I received an email. A young girl had written a post on this blog that spoke to me in my darkness. This girl’s words were my exact feelings. God had spoken to me through writing. (Duh!) I also went to a faith conference where a lady said, “I see writers that God is going to use in this room.” At the time, it didn’t mean anything to me. I didn’t see God through my pain. He was there though. I know He was. Sometimes, we are just too blind to see Him, but He’s there. All we have to do is call out to Jesus.

It’s like this year God has said to me, “Ashley, I don’t just want you to be a disability advocate, but I also want you to be My advocate. If you lose everything don’t worry, because I have plans for you my child. Live in that.”

Before I’m a disability advocate, or a writer, no matter how bad or good I may be at either of those things, and before I’m a friend, I’m a daughter of God. I’m a Christian. It took this summer for me to realize that again, and for God to wake me up. I pray I never forget that, but if I do, I know He’ll be waiting with open arms no matter what.

This is who I am. I hope and pray that my story has touched at least one person this year. If I don’t write before then, may my God bless all of your holidays.

In Christ’s Love,

Ashley N. Moulin

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Faith Like A Mustard Seed

“Did I tell you that I signed you up for rock climbing?”

My poor Mom. As she was telling me this, I burst into really hard and endless laughter, and in the days before this adventure, I couldn’t stop harrasing her about it, but if you knew my situation, you could imagine my fear. Having cerebral palsy, and being quadraplegic, I have absolutely no use of my arms or legs. What was I supposed to do? I could just imagine myself dragging up the wall with scrapes all over my body from the process. “It says on the website that people with cerebral palsy can do it.” she argued. “Do they know what KIND of cerebral palsy I have?” I argued back. Fast forward to rock climbing day. My thoughts are that this whole thing is dumb. Everything turns out fine. They put me securely in a chair, and I am able to get up that way. My body is nowhere near the wall. I loved it.

As much as I take pride in my disability, and it’s part of who I am, the one thing I hate is when people underestimate me because of it. Eb and I wouldn’t be the advocates we are today without our parents. They believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. For me, it’s more than who my earthly parents tell me I am. It’s even more who my Heavenly Father tells me I am. Friends, whether you have a disability or not, don’t let the world underestimate you, and don’t underestimate yourself. You don’t have to let the words of a Vocational Rehab counselor, or someone who interviews you for a job define you. If the Lord Jesus Christ has put a dream in your heart, then with Him, you CAN do it. All you need is the faith of a mustard seed. Matthew 17:20 “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there, and IT WILL MOVE. NOTHING will be impossible for you.”

In Christ’s Love,
Ashley N. Moulin

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For more info about rock climbing, or to donate, go to: http://www.teamcatalyst.org


Building A Platform 

Have you ever helped someone with even realizing it? We all have our angels that watch over us, guiding us to do things we never thought were possible before. Well a few months ago I was down in the dumps because I couldn’t find a job. I felt hopeless, stagnant at times until one day realized I didn’t have to take the rejection of applying for jobs anymore . I could create my own ventures. So I started Friends On Wheelz with my best Ashley. We want to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. My main goal is to start a dialogue so that having a disability is not a barrier, rather a gateway to creating change. Acting and modeling is one way I’m creating my platform. 

Funny I’ve always said I was going to be a lawyer when I first entered college or so I thought. God said”That’s not your path, I have a different one. Follow mine my plan is greater.” Struggling I quickly realized this wasn’t my path. Well not that it wasn’t my path it was just that I would advocate in a different way. So I took year off to figure out what I wanted to do. I changed my major to Communication which was the perfect fit for me. I could still help others and use my creative side to do it. Now I’m using the skills I’ve learned to advocate for myself and others as well. My confidence has gone way up,hearing others tell me that my story has inspired them. It’s really others who inspire me to continue on my path creating change and making diffference in others lives whether it be disabled or able bodied. 
–Ebony  Washingron
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